1. What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

The New York Times Magazine| Charles Duhigg

What makes a good team and some findings to help me understand why I felt some team cultures were not for me.

2. Tuổi trẻ và những hoang mang

Trương Thanh Mai

I think I found this honest and emotional piece of writing when I needed it the most. It’s a never-ending quest in finding yourself and your values. That being said, be patient and we might see results someday.

3. Góc Du học: Học hỏi từ bạn cùng lớp

Tôn Nữ Tường Vy

All the initiatives you take, including the small ones which requires lots of efforts though, will make differences. Also, sharing your experiences with the world might inspire others to make a change in their lives.

4. How to Evaluate, Accept, Reject, or Negotiate a Job Offer

Harvard Business Review | Rebecca Knight

A preparation for when I’m in one of those situations. Nice explanations and case studies, yet they seem to be more relatable to senior positions.

5. Khuyết tật của nỗi cô đơn

Minh Thi

Depression is not a popular topic. But I can see more and more authors are paying attention and spend time educating their readers on this disorder. I hope more people, especially parents, caregivers, teachers, will understand and be more open to talk about it at home, at school.

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